OMOiOMO Year 3 - A Collection of 6 Stories

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OMOiOMO Year 3 - A Collection of 6 Stories

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6 picture books and comics totaling 170+ pages.

This is a collection of the 6 comics and picture books made By Peter Hertzberg during the year 2020, the third year of OMOiOMO!

These are 6 stories about daring to find ones own path!

With the stories:


"Just a Breath"

"The Wanderer and Stop! Be careful!"

"An Umbrella Full of Rain"

"A hunter Book 1 - Today is yesterday is tomorrow"

"A Hunter Book 2 - Prey to change prey"

From the preface:

As the year 2020 comes to an end everybody seems to enjoy talking about what bad year it was, and sure, it was a challenging year. Outside of the pandemic I've had some health issues and also moved to another country, so I haven't been able to tell as many stories as I would have wanted, only finishing 6 books this year.

Many are now saying that they're happy for the year to come to an end, but I honestly believe that we int the future will look back at this year with sentimentality over how close we where with our families, friends and communities, and we'll remember the people who stepped up and did more than necessarily without looking for praise, neither through bragging or self-victimization.

I'm not a spiritual person but I still thing that its valuable to live by the belief that “everything happens for a reason”. Not necessarily that some higher power chooses our faith for us, but that the problems and challenges we meet, hand how we react and handle them, can shine a light on our personal weaknesses if we chose to see them. It may be an over used quote, but one always has the option of seeing the glass as half empty or half full.

As of writing this we're one day closer to the pandemic ending than we're yesterday, and I hope that when it does that we'll still remember what we truly value in our lives.

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OMOiOMO Year 3

  • Softcover

isbn: 9781034217879

  • Hardcover, dust jacket

isbn: 9781034217886

  • Hardcover, imagewrap

isbn: 9781034217893


OMOiOMO Solvarv 3

  • Mjukpärm

isbn: 9781034222934

  • Hårdpärm, dust jacket

isbn: 9781034222927

  • Hårdpärm, imagewrap

isbn: 9781034222941

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You'll get the fifth compilation of the 6 stories made by Peter Hertzberg in 2020 in English or Swedish or both!!

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