OMOiOMO Compilation 2 - A Collection of Stories

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OMOiOMO Compilation 2 - A Collection of Stories

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4 stories on what drives our perception of the world and on having the strength to be weak...

It contains the stories:

"The Story of a Drop of Water"

"Spring and Winter"

"Islands in the Clouds"

"Rain Alone Has No Value"

This is the second compilation of stories by Peter Hertzberg released through OMOiOMO and spreads over 140 pages!

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OMOiOMO Compilation 2


isbn: 9780368039515


isbn: 9780368039522


OMOiOMO Samling 2


isbn: 9780368346361


isbn: 9780368346378

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You'll get the second 4 stories released by OMOiOMO as PDFs in English or Swedish or both!

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