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A Monster is Loose! - A Picture Book

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A monster is loose!
Its rumpus and mischief
creates chaos and disarray,
but all is not as it seems
as the real chaos
lies elsewhere.

A picture book about how there often is more under the surface than we believe...

Curious about the story? You can access to read it online for the price you feel it's worth (or what you can afford) or if you also want a PDF to download to your devices, it's available for only 3€ more. And if you want to read the story as a physical book, you can find them by searching for the name or isbn number in your online bookstore of choice!


A Monster is Loose!

isbn: 9781006157622


Monstret har rymt!

isbn: 9781006154911

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A Monster is Loose! - A Picture Book

0 ratings
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